Why Chefs are always Right?

“Why chefs are always right?” Is a question often asked by many customers, after having witnessed their favorite restaurant’s food being less than satisfactory?

For some reason, the customer just can’t understand why the food was so bad. But in all actuality, when it comes to food, the why question is as valid as any.

The chef is always ready to cook the food as per guests’ wishes with a smile. They never compromise on their job responsibilities.

I think, this is the main reason for the Chefs are always right.

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Chef cooking

It is very difficult for the new chefs are to understand the intricacies of a complicated operation, like how to slice an onion properly in a right way.

It takes years of hands-on training and experience to perfect such skills. But if there are problems with the equipment, or preparation, or hygenic, then it is very clear to the chef.

And in the business, the customer will notice it and often times change restaurants.

The reason why chefs are always right is that they are doing what is expected of them.

They have dedicated their career to the art of making the best food possible and take pride in every aspect of that.

The customer should be grateful for the experience they are having at a particular restaurant.

Who Are the Chefs?

chef is always right

There are some characteristics to look for in the best chefs.

A true chef needs to be passionate about cooking. They should show enthusiasm for cooking, even when no one is paying them to.

If a chef is constantly getting angry about something or is moody, the chef is usually unfocused and has no business being a chef.

The chef should have a passion for food. The chefs are should have a keen sense of right smell. This is very important.

Many times restaurants will hire someone just from the pool of applicants because the chef is good at the smell.

The best chefs are able to recognize a potential customer’s favorite food and then recreate it for the diner at a fraction of the cost of the original.

A good chef needs to be good at math. While the chef may be cooking, math is going on behind the scenes.

A good chef knows the proportions of ingredients needed to create a dish and can measure cups and spoons accurately.

They must also be able to produce the most accurate presentation of a dish.

Even the best chefs will make mistakes, and it is the job of the chef to make sure that the customers are happy with the mistakes made and the final dish is the greatest possible version of the original.