how to make peri peri sauce

How To Make Peri-peri Sauce – A Modern Twist On An Old Classic.

The peri peri sauce is a spicy pepper and tomato-based dish from the African-style chilly sauce.

Nando, the chef, uses the best ingredients that are readily available in his hometown, like tomatoes, onions, garlic, and chilies for making peri peri sauce.

The combination of these ingredients creates a unique, mild, and spicy sauce that is a perfect accompaniment for a range of dishes.

When making marinades for chicken, it’s important to use marinade ingredients that will lock in the flavors of the ingredients. Simply buying a jar of the pre-ground rub or using prepared ingredients is not good enough. You need to tweak this recipe to make it your own.

To make the best how to make peri peri sauce, all you need are fresh garlic from either a store-bought bulb cut into thin slices or whole, or fresh cilantro.

 It uses a tangy marinade, the key to success is to use sparingly, only adding as much as you need to balance the sweetness of the red chilies.

Step 1

Ingredients of peri peri sauce

Buy your ingredients near your local market. Yes, it is the most common use of ingredients, which you can get easily.

  1. Whole garlic
  2. Red pepper
  3. Yellow pepper
  4. Whole red onion
  5. Red chilly (pili pili)
  6. Cilantro
  7. Lemon whole
  8. Olive oil
  9. Salt

Step 2

Diced pepper, peeled garlic

Washed well red, and yellow pepper, diced it, Peeled the garlic. Squeezed the lemon, and keep in a small glass bowl. Washed the cilantro, cut roughly, keep in a container.

Step 3

Food processing

Put all the ingredients in a food processor. Add olive oil. Blend until finely crushed. For, you can roughly be crushed, but fine is better.

making peri peri sauce

You will also need a bottle of Worcestershire sauce (optional), a cup of red chilies, a cup of lemon juice, and a generous pinch of salt.

When preparing your peri sauce ingredients, remember that the chilies are part of the base and should be added at the end when preparing. 

Step 4

peri sauce

When it seems finely crushed, transfer it to a container, wrap it. You can keep it in a chiller, for long time use.

The Many Uses of Peri peri Sauce

The uses of peri peri sauce are numerous, and they make a wonderful addition to any diet. You can add it to chicken soup, sauces, chicken salad, and a number of different dishes.

If it serves as a salad, add some crunchy greens such as spinach or kale.

If it serves as an appetizer, drizzle with olive oil and lemon to enhance the flavor.

South African style peri peri sauce is a condiment, that you can use with almost any type of meat.

In fact, many people who like to barbeque chicken or pork will add this type of marinade to the recipe for a more intense flavor to the sauce.

 It has a unique flavor that is very mild but has a slightly strong fishy undertone that is very pleasant to those who do not enjoy strong flavors in their foods.

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