New Year’s Food Menu plan: Prepare the List of Ingredients

In order to keep up with the changing trends in food preparation and marketing, restaurants, and hotels should consider having a New Year’s food menu plan.

It would be best if you would take note of the current eating habits and preferences of people in order to design a suitable menu for the coming year.


1. Menu Plan

2. Need to decide what foods to serve.

3. Come up with a Food Choices List

4. Choose a theme for New Year’s Food Menu plan

5.  Includes all the basic needs

6. Consider the seasons

7. Make a food costing

8. Celebrate New Year


Tips on Creating a Successful New Year’s food Menu plan.

1. Menu Plan

Menu planning is an excellent way to ensure that you are eating a healthy diet and meeting all of your nutritional requirements. And, as anyone who has ever made their own food knows, meal planning can really save you money and time.

You may even have an immediate positive impact on your health and your financial situation by cooking at home less frequently. So if you haven’t started planning a menu for your next cookout or party yet, then it’s high time you did.

But how do you go about doing it? Improve your food basic knowledge, by which you can know the basic thing required for creat a food menu.

  • Make your meal planning list and start writing down what you need to cook. If you plan to make an eggplant starter, for instance, list the ingredients needed to prepare each one.
  •  Include any special dietary needs that you may have.
  •  Be clear about your menu. Make sure to read through the food guide and check with the superior, whether your menu will be accepted.
  • Make it a point to follow some basic guidelines, including avoiding using canned items, and making sure that you do not add extra ingredients if your recipe calls for it.

2. Need to decide what foods to serve to include your New Year’s Food Menu plan.

You should come up with a successful New Year’s food menu plan, you must first determine what kind of food would be more appealing to consumers.

Are there any particular types of food that people enjoy? For instance, people who are fond of seafood tend to like to have more seafood options than those who are not.

New Year's Food Menu plan salad counter

People who are fond of chocolates also like to have chocolates that have special ingredients such as nuts for New Year’s Food Menu plan

This is about, which cuisine you are going to make, and serve. It depends upon your customer and your seasonal availability.

  1. Lebanese cuisine
  2. Italian cuisine
  3. American cuisine
  4. Asian cuisine
  5. Mexican cuisine

The menu should include dishes that are readily available and at a reasonable price.

This is so that people who are on a limited budget could still afford the meal.

As such, do not offer your patrons food items that are too expensive because they would not be able to afford them.

3. Come up with a Food Choices List for New Year’s Food Menu plan

Aside from determining the menu, you also need to prepare with a Food Choices List.

You may have already included dishes from your menu but if you have not, then you will need to add more foods to your list.

By having a list of recommended foods, you will not only be able to create a balanced menu but you will also be able to increase your sales.

Examples of the New Year’s Food menu plan choice list

  1. Roasted Whole Turkey
  2. Broccoli and potato soup
  3. French classical recipe with wine
  4. Make salad List
  5. Chicken, and cheese dishes
  6. Make dessert list.

Once you have a list of foods that you plan for the New Year’s food menu to add to your food choices list, you should also consider the cost of each food item.

If you are offering items at a discount, then you would not have to spend too much money on the ingredients.

The same goes for the price of the food. Although the price of these items may be a little bit higher than usual, they are still necessary for your business because you do not want your customers to eat out of your pocket.

Your Food Choices List should contain the food items that you are most familiar with. You may have different selections on the list but you should include items that are easy to prepare. to serve.

4. Choose a theme

Having a New Year’s food menu or food gallery would also involve choosing a theme or style of the food you serve, for the coming year.

You may want to choose something fun and creative as a theme such as a beach theme. if you are serving up beach fare.

A New Year’s food menu plan can be made even more interesting by incorporating food items that complement each other. You may opt to serve dishes that are both unique and delicious.

A theme can also be created by including different foods from different parts of the world or even by combining two or three dishes in one dish.

5.  Includes all the basic needs

It is important that your New Year’s food menu plan includes all the basic needs such as ingredients, utensils, cutting boards, spoons, knives, serving dishes, condiments, glasses, and cups.

However, you also need to prepare for extra costs if your New Year’s menu requires some special equipment. If you plan to serve drinks, you need to purchase coolers for ice cubes or milk that you can use in preparing them and for plastic cups and mugs.

6. Consider the seasons

 When planning a New Year’s food menu plan, you have to consider the seasons that will affect your menu in the coming year. This will help you determine what foods to serve during those seasons. especially when it comes to hot and cold seasons.

7. Make a food costing for New Year’s Food Menu plan

One of the most important things in any New Year’s Eve bash is to choose a food costing a reasonable price but still having plenty of that big punch punchy taste. Yes, it is a final goal, which you have reached it.

Food costing is the main factor when you are making a New Year’s food menu plan or recipe. If you are running a restaurant or hotel, your new year’s food cost should not exceed more than 30%.

8. Celebrate New Year

I am sharing some pictures of new years eve 2019, which we were celebrated at Flora creek hotel, Dubai.

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