Homestyle Gobi recipe

This delicious Potato and homestyle gobi (cauliflower) recipe is a great combination of the most traditional vegetable side from Northern India.

While it lacks a lot of flavors, it’s enough to be enjoyed with traditional flatbread. The spices used are mild and the use of rice is also perfect to complement this recipe for the Indian meal.

The cauliflower recipe itself is not that spicy, but when it comes to taste, it is perfectly acceptable.

Homestyle Gobi recipe

Homestyle Gobi recipe

Recipe by Biraj Kumar
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  • 1 no large potato

  • 500 gm cauliflower

  • 2 no Medium onion

  • 2 no large tomatoes

  • 10 to 12 garlic cloves

  • 1 medium ginger piece

  • 2 no green chili

  • 1/2 tbsp turmeric powder

  • 1/2 tbsp roasted cumin powder

  • 1/2 tbsp chili powder

  • 3 no red chilly whole

  • 1/2 tbsp cumin seed

  • 1/2 tbsp Garam masala

  • Salt as required

  • Fresh coriander leaves

  • 3 tbsp vegetable/ refined oil


  • Washed the potato, the Gobi under the running cold water. Chopped the tomatoes, onion, and slit the green chili.
  • Florets the Gobi, and diced potato without skin. Make ginger, garlic paste with cloves of garlic, and a piece of ginger.
  • For better looking the dish, you have to first shallow fry the Gobi, and potatoes. For which you can save you the cooking time.
  • Take a frying pan, put little refined oil. Then add Gobi, and potatoes with a little seasoning. Stir it, until it is not getting half done. After that, removed from the fire, and keep aside.
  • Take another heavy skillet frying pan. Heat vegetable oil, over medium heat. Add cumin seed and red chilly whole. Then add chopped onion, saute for a couple of minutes.
  • When onions will be softened, add 1 tbsp of ginger, garlic paste. Again stir continuously. Then add chopped tomatoes, with all the seasoning.
  • After that, you need to stir all the masala, until it’s not done. It will take time 3 to 4 minutes. In the between of the time, pour the little water, for avoiding all the masala stick at bottom of the pan.
  • Then add the potato and Gobi. Mix with all the masala, and cover the lid for a couple of minutes.
  • When it’s done, check the seasoning, and served, garnish with a sprig of coriander, and julienne ginger.


  • Do not overcook the Gobi, otherwise, it will be mashy.

In Indian cuisine, you can get a lot of dishes, which are made in very traditional ways. Carrot and beetroot halwa is a sweet dish, which is the most popular dish in India.

But nowadays, most Indian people are liking European dishes. The continental dishes are healthy and full of nutritional, and health benefits.

The homestyle Gobi (cauliflower) recipe can make it easy to make at home.

homestyle Gobi recipe

Quick skill about homestyle gobi recipe cook method.

Cauliflower is known as the Gobi the Hindi language, and this homestyle gobi recipe uses cauliflower in its base.

The Gobi is a vegetable, that has been used in many Indian dishes. And it is even used in some other recipes as well.

Which are very easy to find and cut into manageable pieces. The same goes with potatoes, they are very easy to purchase and cut into chunks as well. The vegetable must be washed and sliced into smaller pieces. The recipe of homestyle gobi can use cauliflower stems.

homestyle Gobi

In order to cook the homestyle gobi (cauliflower) recipe, add a pinch of turmeric. Which is found in dried leaves or powder form is first added to the oil in a pan. After some time, the curry will be ready to use.

While waiting for it to cook, the remaining oil should be added to the pan. Once the oil is used up, the curry can be transferred to the serving plate and served hot. The homestyle gobi recipe is served with plain flatbread or naan.

The best part of the cauliflower recipe is that it can be cooked in very simple ways, For which, you can save time, and no need to spend more time on this recipe.

If you want to have something sweet and spicy, then add a little sugar or cream to your curry after it cooks. When serving, the entire dish can be eaten with a fork, and the flatbread can be served with the curry as well.

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