Grilled pineapple cinnamon

It is awe-inspiring when someone victuals grilled pineapple cinnamon along with the spiced orange reduction dip. Most loves dish of pineapples is Chicken afritada (Philippines), Tepache (Mexico), Pininyahang manok (Philippines) and Pineapple pizza (everyone knows this). Remaining this, the Grilled pineapple cinnamon is one of the snacks dishes, which is most popular all over the world. It is not only facile to a way of cooking fruits but withal how you accommodated and what is the accompaniment for this. You should always recollect that what will be the impeccable side dishes and sauces, which you are going to accommodate. Good to have with orange sauce is the best along with this. Know easy cooking ideas.


Nutrition and sauces of grilled pineapple cinnamon.

Grilled pineapple cinnamon is one of my favourite recipes forever. Marinate with olive oil, garlic, honey, chilly flakes and crushed pepper for this because the fruits of pineapple have sweet and sour in nature. You can serve different varieties sauces of along with the grilled pineapple skewer recipes. Spiced yoghurt, sour yoghurt, honey, a lemon dip is an example of sauce that you can serve. Remaining these sauce the spiced orange reduction dip is one of the most and popular perfect and lovable dips with the grilled pineapple recipe. Without poached apple, you cannot make impeccable plating of the grilled pineapple dish. It is so delicious and beautiful recipe of this cuisine.

Most importantly, it can be a starter, because of this it gives the enhance your appetite and you can enjoy more as an appetizer. I prepared this recipe as I can best, I know it might be made better than me, it depends upon as your liking ingredients and cooking style. After that, I can say that grilled pineapple is my favourite dish. which I made.

Pineapple skewer

Grilled pineapple cinnamon recipe

Marinated cinnamon, honey grilled pineapple and served with spiced orange reduction dip.
Prep Time20 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time35 mins
Course: Appetizer
Cuisine: Fusion
Keyword: cinnamon crusted, Summer recipe
Servings: 2 Serving
Calories: 102kcal
Author: Biraj Kumar


  • 1 no Half raw pineapple (Philippines)
  • 1 no Red apple Medium
  • 10 no Orange Squeezed and make fresh juice.
  • 1 no Lemon
  • 4 tbsp Honey
  • Chilly flakes A pinch
  • Salt As per taste
  • Crushed pepper As per taste
  • 1 tbsp Fine chop garlic
  • English parsley For garnishing
  • 1/2 tbsp Ground cinnamon


  • Use a sharp knife to carefully cut away the skin from top to bottom, cut lengthwise and make shape and size of large buttoned cutting.
  • Well marinated with honey, pinch cinnamon, parsley chops, a little garlic, chili flakes, salt, and crushed pepper. And skewer them, make 10 pieces of pineapple skewer.
    Squeezed the orange and strain well into a bowl. Heat butter in fry pan, add finely chopped garlic, stir for a couple of minutes, then pour orange juice in the pan and let them cook for more couple of minutes with a medium slow fire. Finishing with the adding of salt, sugar and crushed pepper. If it does not thicken, you can add a little Roux (that made with butter and flour) in it and stir again. When it gives sauce consistency, transfer to a bowl and keep aside.
  • Then grill the pineapple on a preheat over medium heat griller for 4 to 5 minutes on all the sides of pineapple skewer. After this, remove the pineapple from the grill and keep aside.
  • Place grilled pineapple skewer on a serving plate, pour spiced orange reduction over the grilled pineapple and served with poached apple garnish with a mint sprig and sprinkle cinnamon over the pineapple.
  • Serve warm or cold.
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