Flower of Cucurbita Maxima – One Of Morocco’s Best Varieties

The flower of Cucurbita maxima (pumpkin fruits) is a hardy little fruit that grows in almost any soil condition.

It is an exotic cucumber native to Morocco. And it’s cultivated in various Asian countries including China, Korea, and Indian cuisine.

The Cucurbita maxima flower has a double spiral smooth round structure that has a serrated edge along with its two long segments.

It is a fleshy fruit with a fleshy inner core. It looks like a small potato with a thin stem.

cucurbita maxima

The flower of Cucurbita maxima is a juicy fruit that is similar to watermelons in appearance and texture.

The small size of the fruit makes it easy to eat out of hand but once the fruit starts to bruise it gets very difficult to eat.

Cucurbita maxima, also known as ‘green-skinned cucumbers’. One of four common species of Cucurbitaceae is among the widest ranged domesticated Cucurbita. 

The Many Uses of Pumpkin Flower (Cucurbita maxima)

The uses of pumpkin flowers (Cucurbita maxima) are very numerous. The best part of the pumpkin can use for making soup, and stew. Also, it has been used for medicinal purposes.

Pumpkin cake is a great dish that can be made by adding a large variety of different fresh fruits to the batter.

Pumpkin cake

I am talking about the famous pumpkin flower, but not the type you find in a candy store. These are known as “pecan flowers” and they look much like the real thing.

When you cook pumpkin fruits, they are going to be very rich and smooth. This makes them perfect for dessert, sandwiches, or any other dessert that needs some extra rich and creamy sauce.

cucurbita maxima

 The flower of Cucurbita maxima has a unique fragrance that stems from a mixture of pumpkin seeds, water, musk, cloves, and citrus zests.

The fruit of pumpkin is an excellent vegetable, that is both healthy and cheap.

For example, when juicing the pulp from the fruit is used to make smoothies, which are extremely popular with dieters.

The Cucurbita is wonderful in soups, although it does tend to get a little brown when it is cooked.

In fact, it can prevent the greens from turning brown by cooking them before adding them to the soup or stew.

 The vegetable has some strong flavors in its skin, stems, and seeds. That makes it very aromatic, which in turn makes it a great addition to soups, stews, dips, and salsa.

There are many recipes for using the flower of Cucurbita maxima that uses either the leaves or the seeds.

It can also be included as a garnish in casseroles, side dishes, and desserts.

Some recipes even go as far as to garnish the dish with the orange peel, adding a splash of color to the food.

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