Regardless if you’re cooking for easy food to make at home two or ten, or more, you want your healthful meal recipes to be absolutely delicious. Additionally, you want them to be fast, easy, and above all quick healthy dinner ideas and need to know the food ideas.

Feta melon with Olive Drizzle

feta melon salad easy food to make at home

It is the simplest salad ever for which you will require ingredients are…

  • Watermelon, Feta cheese, Olive oil, Sumac Powder (optional), and herbs(optional).
  • you need a fruit carving scooper tool. In other words, you can be used for an appetizer food recipe.
  • Wash the scooper thoroughly with hot water and scoop watermelon and feta cheese separately.
  • Place on a salad bowl, drizzling olive oil and garnishing with micro herbs.

Pink salmon with Olive Salsa

COOKED SALMON, east food to make at home

Salmon fish help reduces the danger of heart diseases, it’s rich in protein and B-complex vitamins. And an honest source of Potassium and carboxylic acid.

  • Ingredients required a pink salmon steak, black olives.
  • Except for this, in addition, you will be required onion, bell pepper, dill leaves, salt, crushed pepper, Olive oil and chopped garlic, sauce (optional).
  • Small dice onion, bell pepper, and tomato.
  • Mix in a bowl with olives, juice, salt, and oil. Mix well keep aside.
  • Grilled the salmon steak on preheat griller for five to 7 minutes.
  • Then place on a platter and put olive salsa on top of it, garnish with lemon wedges and dazzling olive oil.

Jalapeno Fritter is the snacks to easy food to make at home.

Jalapeno fritter, easy food to make at home

Easy food to make at-home snacks recipe, you most importantly need for this Jalapeno chili, Mozzarella cheese, black olives, Egg, Refined flour.

  • Tempura flour, salt, crushed black pepper, and Oil for fry used for easy food to make the recipe
  • Slit the jalapeno chili and remove out the seeds,
  • well mix together grated mozzarella cheese and chopped olives in a bowl.
  • Fill the cheesy mixture in slit Jalapeno chili.
  • Make a batter with egg, refined flour, tempura flour, and water, mix well, Put seasoning.
  • Deep Jalapeno and fry.

Avocado shrimp Appetizer

Avocado salad

This is one of the lavish dishes ever, Avocado salad may be a popular one among the dish in food cuisine. you’ve got to form an inventory of ingredients are…

  • Avocado(not fully ripe), Shrimp, Cucumber, lettuce, tomato, salt, pepper, garlic, juice, and vegetable oil.
  • The easiest way to easy food to make at home for this recipe is, Scoop out the pulp from ripe Avocado and finely chop.
  • mix with chopped onion, cucumber, salt, finely chopped garlic, juice, and vegetable oil.
  • As a result, you can get a little advantage for Cutting the vegetable as you wish, poaching the shrimps and permit to chill.
  • Place the avocado mixture on a serving plate with the assistance of mold and keep the shrimp and vegetable on top of it with lettuce.
  • Finally, drizzle with vegetable oil and serve.

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