What is the craziest reason a customer returned their food?

“What is the craziest reason a customer returned their food?” The craziest reason a customer returned their food would be if they got sick, any contaminated, or their food was served not good as they expected.

Now then, what is the craziest thing a customer would do to get a refund from a restaurant? They would do it over again.

customer return their food

If you work in a restaurant, you have heard this before. And you probably have a few customers who come in to get a refund more than once.


For some reason, some people feel entitled to getting money back from a business more than once.

So the question becomes; what is the craziest thing a customer would do to get a refund from a restaurant?

unhappy customer

Let’s say a female guest came into your establishment and was upset because her meal was not good enough. She(customer) then stated that she would return the food, but what would happen if she did?

Here will be 3 questions arises…when customer returned their food
  1. What would happen to the rest of the meal?
  2. Would she be charged the same price as she was originally charged?
  3. would she be sent back and given another menu?

They would also have to explain to the staff that they would like to bring back their food to the table, but they are angry because the food that they were served was not as good as they expected.

If the employee that served them knew the customer was upset, they would most likely be extra careful when they are serving the meal to that person next time.

customer return their food

Now if the same customer who was unhappy with their first meal. When offered to go get another meal, decided to go back to the restaurant and ask for a new menu, do you think the employees would treat them nicely?

I would be surprised.

Of course, the food that they are being served to them would not be as good either. It might even end up being as bad as the first meal. You see, when you order something off of a menu, you are basically agreeing to it.

Asking why?

 The customer may have asked themselves why they made the decision to returned their food. If you did not ask the question “Why did you return your food?” This is the proper response.

By asking the question, you are giving the customer a chance to explain themselves. And possibly clear up any misunderstandings before you begin discussing their food with them again.

unhappy customer

How You Should Handle It?

When the customer returned their food the first thing that you should do is to offer to take care of them some kind of proof of the problem such as pictures or a video of the issue.

By doing this, you give the customer the opportunity to see that you understand what caused them to return their food.

Then, you should offer to either fix the problem or replace their food so that they feel comfortable eating it.

Of course, it is also important to note that if the reason the customer returned their food is that the server did not handle their food properly.

Then you need to apologize and give the customer a discount or a free dessert because you made an error while serving them.

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