All the Spanish cuisine, this region uses the most olive oil in its cuisine. The geographical area dish that has achieved the foremost international fame is soup. It is a cold soup made with five vegetables, vinegar, water, salt, olive oil, and stale bread crumbs. Other cold soups include Poleá, Zoque.

Snacks made with olives are common. Meat dishes embrace flamenquín, pringá, tail stew and Menudo Gypsy (also known as geographical area tripe). The hot soups include cat soup (made with bread), dog stew (fish soup with orange juice) and Migas Canas. Fish dishes embrace cooked fish, cod pavías, and parpandúas. A cookery custom is that the typical geographical area breakfast, that is taken into account to be a standard characteristic of laborers that are extending throughout the Kingdom of Spain.

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