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The “RECIPE” is a word, that is very important for a chef. Because of its influences deeply on the career of a chef. When I was a student, my principal was said that “the recipes are not made chefs, the chefs make recipes”. Every cuisine recipe had its own characteristics, for which we called the name of cuisine as its own regions.

The categories of “RECIPE”, you can find every cuisines recipe…
like French cuisine, American cuisine, Italian cuisine, French cuisine.


Grilled pineapple cinnamon

It is awe-inspiring when someone victuals grilled pineapple cinnamon along with the spiced orange reduction dip. Pineapple fruits are trendy fruits around the world by which its flesh and juice used almost in every cuisine. The most popular dish of pineapples is Chicken afritada (Philippines), Tepache (Mexico), Pininyahang manok (Philippines) and Pineapple pizza (everyone knows this). Remaining this, the Grilled […]

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