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Best Marinades – Steak, chicken & Seafood

The best marinades are not only rich and flavorful but are also easy to make. A marinade can be sweet, sour, bitter, and spicy, and it is made up of various ingredients, such as herbs, fruit juices, vegetables, and spices.

Some marinades contain vinegar but can also be updated with orange juice, yogurt, sesame oil, or other additives to add to the flavors.


How to use it?

The best marinade must have the right balance of ingredients. Too much salt and acid will make your meat taste pickled, while too little will overpower the other ingredients.

Moreover, too much salt can overpower the natural flavor of your meat. You should only leave the meat in the marinade for three to four hours to avoid this problem.

Alternatively, leave it in the marinade for 12 hours, whichever way is more convenient for you.

chicken marinades

Combine the marinated ingredients and store the marinade in the refrigerator for the best results. Allow the marinade to sit for about 12 hours before using the fish, meat, or chicken. If you need to marinate longer, add more acidic marinade if you’re preparing a large quantity.


Marinating means soaking food in a liquid containing an acidic or salty flavour. The purpose of marinating varies with the type of ingredients and meats.

  1. Tender/soften the meat
  2. Making more palatable
  3. Provides a new level of flavor and moisture to the food
  4. It helps to digest easily
  5. A good marinade is rich in flavor and can add a surprising amount of body and texture to the food.
acidic marination

Types of marinades

There are two major types of marination: enzymatic and acidic. The most popular marinades are prepared from fat, acid, and flavorings, and some are made from vegetables, soy sauce, and a spice called turmeric.

Other ways to make marinades are to add tenderizing enzymes from citrus fruits and vegetables or even dairy. It’s up to you! It’s always a good idea to try a few recipes to determine which ones work for you. When choosing a marinade, always consider the type of meat it will be cooked in.


Enzymatic Marinades

Enzymatic marinades break down meat proteins, such as kiwi, papaya, honeydew melon, and figs. For a meat marinade to be effective, it must be soaking for at least one hour. If you are using vinegar as a marinade, it will reduce the amount of moisture in the meat, making it tender and juicy.

Lamb chop

Lamb marinate with herbs, garlic, and oil.

These marinades activate enzymes in the meat, reducing the toughness and tenderness. In addition, enzymatic marination has a beneficial effect on meat, but the food can digest quickly if the process is overdone. Therefore, it’s important to marinate all types of meat.

Example: 1. Ginger, pineapple, papaya, nutmeg, kiwi, figs, and other tropical vegetables

Acidic Marinades

These marinades have high acidity levels, which can damage the meat. A high acidity level can make the meat mealy. To counter this, you should use a marinade with low acid content.

seafood marinated

Seafood acidic marinades with lemon juice, and herbs.

To tenderize meat, acidic marination may be beneficial if you want to tenderize a tough piece of meat. The presence of acidic ingredients in the marinade can prevent the meat from absorbing its nutrients.

While some of these acids may make the meat tender, they should not be used too long. As such, it’s best to choose one that works well with the type of meat that you’re preparing.

Example: Vinegar, Apple cider, Lemon juice, orange, and other citrus fruits

Turkey Marinades

Turkey marination

Turkey marination is the process of submerging or marinating food in acidic or enzymatic marinades to improve its flavor and texture. The turkey is then stored in the refrigerator for a minimum of 48hours.

This method is generally used on red or game meat since the acids soften the tissue and penetrate even thin slices.

“The turkey is the best to marinate with salt, crushed pepper, olive oil, rosemary, roughly garlic, onion, carrot, celery, leeks, Worcester sauce, apple, and orange. But you can add some of the enzymatic marinades.”

Steak Marinades

steak marinades

Ribeye, tenderloin, and beefsteak are simple to marinate with salt, crushed pepper, olive oil, garlic, parsley, and fresh herbs. Keep the marinade well-seasoned and in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours prior to the grilling, or even roasting.

“Certain people marinate their meat using enzyme-based marinades such as the puree of kiwi pineapple, papaya, as well as canned sauces (BBQ or HP sauce as well as Worcester) along with garlic, olive oil as well as any other seasoning. It gives tangy flavor and cooks quickly, however the meat loses its natural flavor and taste.”

Lamb Marinades

lamb chop oven recipes

The best marinades for lamb meat or lamb chop have an acidic and alkaline effect. The acidic ones are used to season meats with lemon juice, lime juice, apple cider vinegar, and crushed garlic.

The alkaline-rich ones are mainly used for roasting and frying, while the acidic ones are used for grilling. Choose a marinade with low acidity if you want your meat to be tender.

“For lamb, you should start marination before a day. Simple to season lamb with oil, salt, garlic, herbs, ground nutmeg, and parsley. Later you can marinate with enzymatic marinade for grilling or roasting.”

Fish & seafood Marinades

salmon marinate

Choosing the best marinade for your salmon, sea bass, or seafood is very important because different types fish or seafoods have different textures.

The most common is the barbecue marinade. This is a sauce that contains vinegar, olive oil, and spices. It has a low-sodium base, making it a good choice for people on a budget. Most marinades can be added to the meat about half an hour before cooking and left overnight.

” Seafood marinade preparation – combine with oil, lemon juice, salt, crushed pepper, fresh thyme, garlic, celery, lemon or orange zest, mustard, and parsley.”

Chicken Marinades

chicken marinates

If you are cooking chicken for a family, a good marinade is essential. The acidic ingredients enhance the flavors of marinated meat in them. You can soak the meat in the sauce before grilling or cooking. Add more lemon juice, soy sauce, and garlic for more flavor.

” The basic marination of chicken – blend salt, garlic, fresh rosemary, parsley, pepper, orange zest, hp sauce, bbq sauce, and crushed celery.”

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