penne pasta in tomato sauce recipe

Penne Neapolitan

Craving some comfort food tonight? Prepare this irresistible penne pasta in tomato sauce recipe and feed your soul with a dish that brings back memories of the best Italian mamma! Quick and easy dinner recipe … Read more

Best Traditional Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

spaghetti bolognese recipe

The traditional spaghetti bolognese recipe is a simple and hearty dish. It’s best for cold winter nights when you’re craving some comfort food. Everyone has their own flavors they love but, the one thing all … Read more

Lentil salad recipe with Indian spices-Kosambari

Lentil salad recipe

Kosambari is basically a recipe of common south Indian lentil salad. Consisting of strained yellow moong dal (lentil) marinated in special Indian spices and flavored with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and pieces of fresh coconut. … Read more